Tennis Nashville is always looking for individuals to partner with us in our common mission of growing the game of tennis in the Nashville community. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Thom Druffel at thom.druffel@ihg.com.

To volunteer with USTA TN, click HERE for the downloadable application.

Southern Boys & Girls 10’s Closed

USTA Tennessee is looking for volunteers like you to help with an exciting, new, junior tennis event that we are thrilled to be hosting in June.

In the past several years, the amount of high level junior tournaments held in Tennessee has decreased tremendously, thus resulting in our top, young players having to travel throughout the South to compete. Therefore, we submitted bid requests to hold a high level tournament in Nashville, and we were granted the bid to host the Southern Boys & Girls 10’s Closed at Centennial Sportsplex! This is the most prestigious tournament of the year for these young players, and we are determined to make it a first-class event. To be able to make this tournament successful and create the best experience for these 10U Players, we are searching for volunteers to help at the event.  Volunteers would be helping with a variety of tasks such as: setting-up, overseeing food/beverages, supervising kids in the player lounge, helping at the guest services desk, selling provided USTA merchandise, etc.  In addition, we are searching to find individuals who would be comfortable volunteering as a court monitor (please see attached document which outlines the responsibilities of a court monitor). We are grateful for any assistance. Community hours will be offered to students interested in helping.

We have broken down volunteer opportunities into timed slots throughout the weekend, so that you do not have to set aside your entire weekend, or an entire day for that matter!

If you are interested in volunteering anytime during the weekend of June 12th-15th, 2015


Southern Boys & Girls 10’s Closed - Court Monitors

Court Monitors are not expected to be certified officials, but are expected to know the general rules of tennis (such as how to keep score and when to call lets).  They assume limited duties to help ensure fair and sportsmanlike play at sites lacking a sufficient number of certified officials.  Based on the experience of the Court Monitors, the Referee or Tournament Director shall advise them of the courts to which they are assigned and their responsibilities, which may include some of all of the following:

  1. Maintain control over assigned courts
  2. Time warm-ups and, when possible, announce “two minutes” at two minutes before the end of the warm-up, and announce “time” when play is to begin
  3. Settle scoring disputes on a limited basis
  4. Overrule clear mistakes
  5. Inform the desk of open courts and of the progress of matches in play
  6. Send for a certified official if there is a question of rule interpretation or if there is unsportsmanlike conduct