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Non-USTA Leagues

We have listed the non-USTA leagues for which we have information. If you are the organizer of a tennis league not listed below, please contact us for a listing. (Leagues are listed alphabetically. A listing here is not an endorsement by Tennis Nashville and players will want to research each league to determine suitability to the player's needs.)

City Tennis League 

City Tennis League is a flexible singles tennis league for tennis players of any skill level. Skill levels offered – Beginner (1.0 – 2.5), Intermediate (3.0 – 3.5), Advanced (4.0 – 4.5). The league season runs for 7-8 weeks. Player designates their skill level and home court at registration. After registration is over, the players are grouped into Divisions based on their skill level and home court. Match schedule (5-7 matches) is posted at the beginning of the season. One week is given to complete each match (one more week is allowed if necessary). Matches are played at Home or Away as designated on player’s match schedule. Matches are played at mutually convenient time for both players. Scores entered online.  Keep track of your standings within Division.

Register at 
Questions – email

Four Aces Tennis

Our fast paced, tag team doubles format provides an exciting way to play doubles with your friends as a team. In each tournament, your team is guaranteed to play in 3 matches, and every player on your team plays 8 full games in each match. 

Currently we offer both ladies and mens tournaments and will be offering a mixed-doubles tournament later this year.

Here is an overview of the Four Aces Tennis Tournament:

  • Your team is made up of 4 players.
  • You decide who is on your team, then register for a tournament as a team.
  • Each tournament allows for 8 teams to participate (32 players per tournament).
  • At the tournament, your team competes in 3 matches - each match last approximately 1 hour.
  • Each tournament last approximately 3 hours.
  • In your first match (Round 1), one set of doubles partners will play a total of 8 games. When completed, the next set of doubles partners (your teammates) will play another 8 games. A single match is complete once 16 games are played.
  • Once your first match is complete, then your team immediately plays in another match (Round 2) against a different team.
  • After Round 1 and Round 2, you would have played 32 total games as a team. Your team reports the total number of games your entire team won/lose to the scorer’s table.
  • Based upon the success of your team and the scores of the other teams, your team will play in a final match (Round 3 - Flight Round) for a chance to win your flight.
  • Up for grabs are great prizes, bragging rights and opportunities to advance further along during the entire season of Four Aces Tennis.
  • Lunch or dinner is provided during the tournament for every player in attendance. 

For more information on Four Aces Tennis, call 615-669-2162 or visit the official website.

Middle Tennessee Tennis League (MTTL)

Men's Division: For information on the MTTL men's division, please contact Rick Neumann at 615- 587-6800. 

Women's Division: MTTL women's division plays three lines of doubles on Thursdays, 9:30 am, beginning the first Thursday after Memorial Day and continuing until Mid-July or the first of August.  The length of the season depends on the number of teams at each level. 

MTTL is open to all levels.  The fee is $50 per team and the teams self-select their level.  Anyone interested should contact the coordinator, Cindy Walker. For individual players, Cindy will circulate your name to the captains at the same level.  Players are also welcome to contact captains on their own.

When a team registers, the captain lists the team’s home courts.  Each team is responsible for providing courts when it is the "home" team.

Contact: Cindy Walker,, 615-519-8724.

NALTA (Nashville Area Ladies Tennis Association)

This popular outdoor women’s local league began in the late 1970s.  Leagues are available for doubles and singles at varying levels, weekend, and several for specific age levels. Play is during the spring and fall and most are during weekdays. No USTA membership is required.

Players participate by joining a team, many of which are organized within tennis clubs. Club membership is not always a requirement to play one of its NALTA teams. Players who are new to NALTA and do not have a team, contact the NALTA league coordinators, Diane Dioguardi or Lori Halloran at and they will be put on a list of “available players.” A second option would be to contact their club pro who will put them on an appropriate team. A third option is to ask friends of similar ability if they belong to a team and if there are any spots open on the team.

All NALTA weekday leagues begin at 9:30 am. The most popular league is doubles on Thursday mornings where all levels participate across the city with no age restrictions. Other leagues include: Monday Doubles – Super Senior (60 and above) – one level; Tuesday Singles – varying levels, no age restriction; Tuesday Doubles  –Senior (50 and above) – varying levels; Working Women, no age restriction – Sunday afternoon – varying levels.

NALTA levels include AA, A, A1-A5, B1-B7. AA is the highest level and includes players ranked 4.0 – 5.5.  The levels descend to 2.5-3.0 in B7.

To sign up for NALTA, email Diane Dioguardi or Lori Halloran at or contact your club pro. Cost: $10 per team. Minimal court fees.

Nashville Team Tennis

Nashville Team Tennis (NTT) is for the seriously fun competitive player who at least 21 years old and wants to compete on a team in the evening. This league is Wednesday evenings, 7 – 9 pm at Centennial Sportsplex, July through November. Teams consist of six regular players:  three men and three women, with subs allowed.

The format Format/Order of Play is:  1 Men’s Doubles, 1 Women’s Doubles, 2 Mixed Doubles. (A v. A, B v. B).  Each Team Match will have two courts.  Matches can go quickly because the scoring is 8-game Pro Sets with No-Ad Scoring.

To sign up, email Stephen Olson, NTT Coordinator,

Nashville Tennis Leagues

Nashville Tennis Leagues' goal is to build a stronger Middle Tennessee tennis community, both on and off the court. Their leagues offer guaranteed match play, a focus on customer service and communication with all league players, with an online league management system with a mobile app, an active social media presence, team advancement and special events throughout the year.

The first league offered through Nashville Tennis Leagues will be a Spring Ladies Doubles league running from April 5 thru May 24, 2018 (Summer and Fall leagues will also be offered). Levels include 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. Team matches will be played on Thursday mornings and will consist of 3 doubles positions. Each doubles position match win is worth 1 point with 3 possible points up for grabs. Best of 3 sets, 10 pt tiebreaker in lieu of third set. Only league where coaching is allowed. Click here to view their PDF flyer.

A Working Women’s Doubles League is also in the works and will start this Spring as well. Additional leagues (Men’s, Mixed, Juniors, Corporate) are also planned.

For more information or to register, visit their website at

Women’s TL2 – Tennis League for Tournament Players

TL2 is an evening women’s doubles tennis league consisting of women players in the Nashville area (4.5 –5.5) who are 19 and over and not currently on a college tennis team. The league has two seasons: Monday night, January through March (7:30 – 9 pm) indoor and late May through early July (6 – 8 pm) outdoors.

The format changes with the seasons, but the goal is the same: to provide an opportunity for high level, competitive, enjoyable tennis to be played each week. No USTA membership is required, but an NTRP rating is necessary. The winter season is more structured with assigned matches and a team format. Four courts are played each week. The summer season is more relaxed with two to fours courts each week – depending on the number of players each week. Players often gather at a local restaurant after play, particularly in the summer.

Cost: Winter league $15, plus $8 for court fees. Summer league – no league fee, court fees $5 per night. 

To sign up, contact one of the TL2 Committee Members:

Barbara Hooper,

Lindsey Vaughan,

Corey Reese,

Vickie Weatherly,

Carien Venter,