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Event Listing Guidelines

Tennis Nashville's website has well over 1,200 tennis-playing visitors per month on average and is trending upwards, so is a great medium for getting word out about your upcoming events. We're working hard to make our calendar relevant to all tennis organizations in the Middle Tennessee area, so we are very interested in listing your event. An online form is available for submissions. Please review our guidelines before submitting an event listing.

Event Listing Guidelines

1) Your event should directly involve either playing, discussing or watching tennis, or else be specifically planned to build the tennis community. No non-tennis related events will be posted.

2) The event should be located in Tennessee, preferable in the Middle Tennessee region.

3) Allow for 3 to 5 days to elapse between submitting the event and placement on the event calendar.

4) Please provide the following information (some of these may not apply to your event):

  • Dates
  • Start and end times
  • Location
  • Description (This should ideally be a written description, not just bullet points)
  • Registration Deadline
  • Registration Cost
  • Any special membership requirements
  • Playing level (if applicable)
  • USTA Tournament ID (if applicable)
  • Where to submit payments or who to contact

5) Administrative contact name and phone number or email address for the person submitting the listing in case we have questions

6) Event listing submissions are not guaranteed placement and Tennis Nashville reserves the exclusive right to determine suitability.